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Advertise on the Marketplace and reach pre-filtered insurance shoppers with our custom marketing solutions. Here's how:

Lead Generation Program - Receive high quality, real-time "opt-in" leads generated by Marketing Channels. It's the ultimate filter! Consumers are asking to be contacted by your brand. Leads can be sent to your local agent force, or directly into your tele-sales center.

Cost Per Sale (CPS) Application - When a RATEKICK user clicks the “Buy Now” button displayed next to your rate , we send them to your hosted site directly or to an agent in your sales force to close the sale complete with odometer reading, VIN #'s, Drivers License #'s, and Method of payment. These aren't shoppers, they are ready buyers!

Sponsored Links - Text links located on the right hand rail of our search results goes beyond reaching users solely by keyword. Targeted text link ads by product type, state, and/or zip code, or risk appetite (Ie. Driving History, homeowner, marriage,and insurance/credit scores.)

Display Advertising - Create awareness of a product, service, or offering with banner advertising targeted to users interested in your insurance and/or financial service offerings. Target by product type, and/or location of consumer to maximize the best performance.

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Tired of chasing down leads that never call you back? Frustrated with prospects never answering their phone or hanging up on you when you attempt to call them? Ever had a prospect completely deny they ever requested an online insurance quote? And our personal favorite... how about calling leads that are 6 months old and fighting with 10 other agents for the lead? Yikes!

Ok, we get that and know all you really want is to talk to people actively shopping around for insurance rates and to offer your expert advice and counsel. It's not all gloom and doom. Here is the Good News! can grow your book of business the easy way by joining the RATEKICK Insurance Agent Network and take advantage of our incredible online marketing system.

Whether you are looking to update your free insurance agent listing, learn how to get listed in RATEKICK'S core rate results and receive exclusive leads , receive actual insurance applications from consumers that want to BUY policies specifically from you, or to advertise your insurance agency as a featured RATEKICK AGENT we want to talk with you today.

RATEKICK Insurance Agent Program Opportunities:

  1. Get your agency listed in RATEKICK'S results. There is no fee for listing your agency with
  2. Exclusive Lead Program: Receive Real-Time Exclusive Leads, Yes Exclusive Leads. You are the only agent that will receive this lead from a prospect that is actually requesting more information from you.
  3. CPS (Cost Per Sale) Application Program- Get pre-completed insurance applications from consumers wanting to BUY a policy. Applications come complete with VIN #, License #, Odometer Reading, and Payment Method. All you have to do is verify their information by running MVR's, CLUE, insurance score...what could be easier! (*only available for premier program agents)
  4. Get your insurance agency featured on RATEKICK through the RATEKICK Advertising Marketplace.

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